Razer Kishi Controller Type

I’m attempting to add support for the Razer Kishi controller to one of my games, and am unsure of if this will be futile or not, my uncertainties are:
-What kind of controller does the device recognize it to be?
-Has anyone else successfully supported this controller in their game?

What I’ve tried:
-declaring controller 1 to be ‘Xbox’, and having the ‘OR’ condition cover ‘A’ and ‘CROSS’
-declaring controller 1 to be ‘PS3’, and having the ‘OR’ condition cover ‘A’ and ‘CROSS’
-Not declaring controller 1’s Type, and having the ‘OR’ condition cover ‘A’ and ‘CROSS’

Additional Information:
-The device I’m using is a Pinephone Pro, which I’m fairly certain will be alien to many people here.
-The controller is indeed recognized and functional in other applications like PPSSPP

Luckily, you do not need to do “OR A/Cross”. The gamepad API already does this conversion for you. Any events you code to work on an Xbox controller layout will automatically have the same button placement on a Dualshock 4.

As far as what that gamepad gets detected as, sadly no one can help you with that since there are millions of gamepad configurations.

You can see what the gamepad API detects it as here:

Ignore the first name that shows up, that is something the site vendor has set up for known controllers. What matters is the second part (In my screenshot, the Wireless Gamepad section)

Edit: Just remember that although the index starts at 0 on the site, the lowest instance is 1 in the extension, so it’ll be whatever the site shows + 1

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Thank you very much! This looks very helpful, I also appreciate how fast ya answered :smiley:

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