Reading time from a timer

Hey all, another question for you guys (hang in there im full noob :smiley:), anyway i found function to reset a timer which iI have used to declare a timer called score at scene start. What I want to do is add have my score increase by 100 per second. Only things is i can’t find how to read the time passed to pass that off to increase my score variable. Another option would be to read a rounded off to the second time passed and multiply that by 100 and have that being constantly updated to my score variable? any idea’s to achieve this?

also just as a side one, does GDevelop have a way to incorporate something like google ads to your creations. Thinking much further down the line for me but am curious to know.

Thanks for any help

all good, sorted this one, was trying to read the value in an action instead of a condition :smiley: