Real Rope physics

I’ve managed to get some reasonable rope physics working :



I’m wondering if the GDevelop community is interested in this? And if so, how should I make this available - a tutorial (video or written as part of the Wiki?), as an extension, a git repository or something else? Any suggestions?

I’m not keen to just dump the code on some server, as they tend to have a limited lifetime before the files are removed.


I don’t know about others but I am interested :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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I feel like I’ve been click baited, these are clearly chains! Besides that, great work! :smiley:


Great work. Interested

Nice job, upload a sample to the GD-Examples If you want of course.

It looks great! I’ll find some use in my games :slight_smile:

You can submit the example or even better make it into an extension. I think @tristanrhodes had worked on something similar, maybe you can talk about it with him.

I definitely want to know how you did this! I have done many experiments but never submitted an extension.

Did you have to use two different objects in the “rope”?

What type of joint did you use?

You can zip the file and share it on this forum post (I think)

Yes. I had to because it uses a rope joint. And I had to change some of the physics settings too, otherwise the segments jittered or pulled apart.

It won’t let me. The only formats allowed are jpep, jpg, png and gif.

I’ll tidy the project, add some decent explanatory comments to the events and submit it as an example via the links sent by @arthuro555 and @UlisesFreitas


Yeah, no Zip storage on the forums. I usually just upload it as an unlisted project on and provide a link.

Hi my recommendation is for you to upload the project to GitHub so you can control the versions better.

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sir i would like the assets and some screenshot of the code is fine

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me too :grin: i will use it (if possible) in grappling hook

I also am interested. For me more for just swinging ropes like pitfall, rastan, but working with grapling hook is a bonus.