🪢 Need help creating The Most Realistic Swinging Rope Mechanic

You know me >> I don’t ask until I tried everything I can >> and I did but sadly this time I failed >> so It’s time to ask the talented community.

So I have seen this amazing post here by lentinese: [SOLVED] Swinging Rope Mechanic
And I have seen the example that MrMen did here: Real Rope physics

Here is what the goal is:

I want to use the example which MrMen did here: Real Rope physics
With the swinging found here: [SOLVED] Swinging Rope Mechanic

I have been trying for a while now but nothing worked for me sadly, either it’s glitchy, shaky and so on…
The physics behavior is complicated for me so I thought to ask for the community help with this.

Lets slowly take everything and see what these two amazing people created and try to combine them into a one full system:

Note: I apologize for the mention but I thought that it’s a post that would catch your attention.

Here what @MrMen did:
2TiedChainsRopePhysics 2ChainsRopePhysics

And here what @lentinese Did:


1- The way MrMen did the connection between the chains using ID and so on >> is smooth, simple and amazing and performance friendly >> so this the first thing we want. >> and it’s already ready.

2- The way lentinese did the swinging rope is neat (I would say it needs a bit more smoothing) but over all it’s looking epic. >> I don’t have an example but lentinese shared the events used but sadly after trying them >> it still doesn’t work as it should >> so there must be something I’m missing.

Now here is the real question:
How can we combine both of these systems together to create the ultimate most realistic swinging rope mechanic in GDevelop?

I’ve been trying for like 4 - 5 days with nothing working with me sadly as my knowledge with the physics behavior is not that great so I thought to ask the talented people here to help me with this puzzle.

Everyone >> if you have ideas for this >> share them
If you made a small example on how to make this possible >> share them

MrMen: I would love to hear your input or see your examples on this for sure as your talent and work has been amazing.

I’ll be waiting for any answers, examples, thoughts and as always thank you in advance < 3

What exactly is wrong/missing with the examples you mention?

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I want to do rope swing mechanic but I can’t figure it out with just the screenshot of the events used by lentinese, I want to do the rope swing mechanic + the chain physics.

lentinese did the idea but didn’t share an example project, only shared screenshots of the events which didn’t help me understand the full idea or how it was made as I tried doing it myself but sadly it never worked with me.

In short:
The chain and how it moves is done by MrMen nicely >> But I want to add to that example the ability to do rope swing on the chain and the ability to jump from the chain and so on…

The glitching/shaking can be from a few things.

First make sure there is a bit of distance between the two joint points on a chain link. The closer together they are, the more likely they start to shake.

Secondly, and from what I remember, @lentinese added a couple of extra joints to strengthen the link. So instead of one joint between consecutive chain links, add 2 or 3 joints. My understanding is it was just a matter of repeating the “Add Joint” action with identical parameters.