Real-Time Save/load Feature

Ok, I would like to know how i can implement "Save States, And Data Saves) to my Game/App.

I want to be able to have the function where i can “Save anytime during the game & Save after completing a level”
This would be for the game progress. Save & Load.

I also would like to know how to save scores and have them stay there after exiting and re-entering the game until the game gets uninstalled.

Both Scores and full saves i want to stay when exiting the game and loading it up again. until the game/app is uninstalled. (Offline game/app)

Lastly, How to save input data (like name input) or text etc.

Any help on this is very much appreciated.

Note: I’ve read through other posts about saves but needed more information. So thought i’d post my questions to see if anything can be explained more clearer.

Thank you.

If you check other examples in the forum you’ll notice there is no restriction about when you can save the current state, so to save in “real time” you just need to know how to trigger the events related to saving.
Some games save after reaching certain areas, others every few minutes, and others every time you pause the game.
For example to save every 5 minutes:

Conditions: Timer "save" is greater than 5*60 seconds Actions: Reset timer "save" All the actions to save the game state goes here

You have to save the states in a file, for example in “[User]/AppData/Local/YourGameName/save.sav” for native games on Windows, not sure where is the file saved in Android, but the file will be kept even if the game is uninstalled (for native games, maybe Android deletes it automatically), so you should have no problems with this :wink:
Also, at the beginning of the game, you’ll have to load this score data from the saved file.

Save them as you save every value/string, you’ll surely get the name from the Keyboard Input object, so you’ll get this name in a string variable, then you just need to save this string with the rest of data to save.
If you need help about getting the user input, please search on the forum, there are some interesting posts… or ask it here :slight_smile:

I do need help with user input :slight_smile:

Any help on what exactly needs to be written/placed would be extremely helpful to me & maybe others too.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I could help you with that. Don’t really have time to do it in gdevelop right now. If you want I can get into a call (skype or discord) and explain it and help you through it

That would be good. I don’t need the feature in just yet though. If it’s ok with you may I message you when I’m ready? :slight_smile:

Sure thing!