Real WORKING Calculator

Is there a way to make a working calculator, I know you can make a clock but is there a way to make a real working calculator?

For sure, but that depends on what you mean by real? Just a basic Casio type?

or a scientific one?

Yes, of course. Use sprites as buttons and text to display the results. You can also generate graphs

Just a normal calculator that can add and subtract, multiply and divide.

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How would I make the calculator?

I suggest you draw a flowchart of what steps when you use a normal calculator, and then program to that. Consider what happens to each digit as you press the buttons and what you’ll have to do when you press an operator (+, -, *, / and = )

Can you screenshot what I need to do please.

Make a button for every number. Like button1 for 1, button2 for 2…
And make a text object too.
Do these, after that, I will tell you what to do next

You mean, as in create the project myself and then screen shot the events?

You dont have to I will try to figure it out and put my screenshot here.

I wasn’t going to :wink:, because you’ll learn a lot more and faster by trying it yourself. If you do get stuck, post a thread for help.

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I have made the sprites and put in a text object, what next?

Here is a project I made:
It only adds but you can use its principle as a base

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Wow, big thank you to you Mixen. I hope I did not cause any inconvenience.

I wrote it using a differt approch:

Hello @jumpingj, I can’t find the code/project where you gave your link

@Muzan Strange, I can download it. I tested with Chrome in anonimus mode.
@JNG, can you manage the file ?

Hi, look at this.gif
You can clearly see that it redirects to another website.

HI, I suppose you have a antivirus that lock the download. Can you please suggest me an alternative website ? Thanks

I think Mega works. There is also GDrive, I use that to share files like these.