Realistic Bouncing and Richochet

Hello everybody.
I was wondering if something like objects bouncing off of walls and such is possible in GDevelop (Without the Physics Engine).
For example, what if I want to have something bounce off of a wall, or bounce back?
Here is an example:

So is this possible in GDevelop, or does the engine not support it? I know for a fact that Construct 2 and 3 can do this flawlessly, and even the earliest of Game Boy games were able to do this as well. I’m also pretty sure Stencyl can do this as well.
It just seems kind of strange to have objects just hug the wall when they hit it.

Note: I have no code to provide. This was just a question for future reference.

Thanks in advance.

the question isn’t can GDevelop do this, or not. the question is can YOU do this? GDevelop is “just” a tool in Your hands.
but I understand what are you say. I tried Fusion 2.5 before came here, and there was a built-in bounce ball behavior too. but on my opinion GDevelop’s strenght is the visual coding wich it use. so, I dont know does it have a bouncing ball behavior, but I bet it can be done with some creativity and a little math.

Why wouldn’t you want to use the physics engine tho? It would be easy. It is a well known and reliable system. Else, per default there isn’t any collisions. Even if you do collisions by preventing the objects to overlap, you can’t expect them to bounce as bouncing is a physical behavior, and you need physics or an implemetation of bouncing by calculating the force that pushed him into the wall, taking into account constants of the physic, the angle and different things, and there you are back to physics, BUT you worked to create an incomplete implementation of realistic physics, but you already had a complete one from the beginning!

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