Really different type of an attack!

I have an attack of my character. And I have tried some different techniques. None of them seems to be working. Here is what I want.
Keys are pressed and trigger once, it changes the variable attack to 7. What it does is play some animation when that animation reach specific frame and is greater than that, the character moves in +X or -X, check if the character is flipped or not. After when the character has covered some distance, it change the animation to next. Rest I can handle.

We’ll need more info ! Without a clear example in Gdevelop i guess you’ll have issues for long with this animation/frame problem.

Think about Terry Bogard’s burn knuckle in KOF. Is that enough as an explanation

What is KOF, who’s Terry Bogard’s, and lol a “burn” knuckle ? Sorry for my ignorance but i don’t know what you are referring to.

“King of fighter” you could google it at least. … F-20921233 … CAcQ_AUoAQ