Really Embarrassing, pls Help!

Hello Devs !

since yesterday ive been spamming the forum with many requests, felt i should encapsulate them and put them in a single thread.

Anyone who could explain me in most “dumified” way how to…

  1. Work with Mobile Sensors and how to utilize them for adding movement to my player .
  2. How to Add animation condition or event to the above said player based on sensor.
  3. How to make AI ( platform that moves based on flip / tilt motion of a mobile )
  4. How to make movement Feedback on platform in form of platform beneath the player “Lighting” up.
  5. How to have Light Focused on player, making the room dark but not where the player moves.
  6. Can anyone teach me Animation transition, it feels my sprite animation from one to the other and to other… feels sooo clunky and underwhelming… what can be done?

sorry i know iam asking ALOT but these are the things currently eating up my mind…

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Please open one thread per issue, with a meaningful title, and details on actual/expected result.

  • There are no lighting options so far except in GD4 I think, but you can use black sprite masks and change their opacity.
  • Regarding sensors, see Device sensors Extension [GDevelop wiki]
    Also, take some time to go through some of the tutorials and look at the relevant examples.