Record audio input with Microphone

I would like the ability to access a device’s microphone and record and play back short audio clips (<10 seconds).

I’m a speech therapist and would like to add this feature to my game so my students can play back clips of what they said and compare.

Evidently there used to be a microphone extension but it isn’t available anymore.


Integrating a mic for short audio clips in your game sounds awesome for speech therapy sessions. While the previous extension might be unavailable now, you can still achieve this feature using various programming languages and tools. Consider using JavaScript’s Web Audio API or libraries like Recorder.js to access the microphone, record, and play back audio clips within your game interface. The process involves granting browser permissions for microphone access and implementing functions to record and playback short clips. There are plenty of tutorials and open-source code snippets available online that can guide you through this process step by step. By the way, when exploring microphones used for ASMR or similar applications, the focus on capturing clear, immersive sounds is essential. In your case, capturing your students’ speech for playback and comparison aligns with the idea of using microphones to enhance learning experiences.

Thanks! I actually didn’t realize Gdevelop is built on Javascript so that’s good to know