Recovering auto saves

Hi, so I was making some progress on my game jam game, and when I started a preview, GDevelop froze. I waited for minutes and still stuck. So, I thought it might have auto saved. So, closed it. When I opened it again, it said the autosave was corrupted. How do I somehow recover it? I am on Linux and using appimage?

PS: I can also use windows if needed

A corrupted autosave is not recoverable. Remember that the autosave is not something you should rely on, save for real every now and then.

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Ok, for some great luck, half way through, I accidentally pressed Ctrl+s. So, I did not lose all my today’s work. Might have to work more tomorrow. Thankfully, the whole game did not corrupt. Any idea why the application crashed? First, the system was stuck. Then, it got fine, but GDevelop was still unresponsive with a white screen. And also recently, GDevelop is taking up alot of RAM. Anyways, thanks :heart:

if you notice that gd starts to respond slower, restart the program.
Nowadays i restart gd alot, and crashes got very rare.
i recommend make a backup of your projects, daily.
also save before clicking on preview helps.

I think it might increase stability to make auto saves depended on a timer, instead of preview? and actually disable the preview button, while an autosave is taking place?

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