Redesigning the external functions and behaviors creation process

Maybe it is just me but i find it difficult to figure out how to export a function or behavior. maybe a tutorial could be added or a Redesign.

i think the layout of this process is a bit cumbersome and confusing . it doesn’t see to flow from left to right like i would expect…

maybe there should be a preview of the result. - maybe the conditions and actions can be exported right from the event sheet ← this way the system change check or warn the user of any scattered resources that should be included with the behavior or function that the selection relies on. Example: scene variables - give the user the option to include those items. Maybe visually highlight events that will be broken without them.

ley me know if you have some ideas for a redesign. i can mock something up
export ( icon selection)

As a heads up, most of your requested items already exist:

There is an existing tutorial for building a function: Example of replacing external events by a function [GDevelop wiki]

As far as functions, you also can already extract conditions and actions into a function today: Extract Events to a Function [GDevelop wiki]

Similarly, creating behaviors has its own tutorial as well: Custom behaviors: create your own behaviors with events [GDevelop wiki]

I would recommend checking out the wiki in full. My general recommendations are:

  1. Read all of the side bar items from Getting Started down to at least Events
  2. Complete the first 3 or 4 tutorials on the Tutorial page: GDevelop 5 tutorials [GDevelop wiki]

Thank you for the resources. I will take a look