Refer Objects Name Dynamically through Variable in Drawing

I have the different objects named as following:


and all objects have been dragged to the scene editor

Now, I want to create a variable called PositionX and PositionY and save the object name along with x position and y position.

In debugger scene variable PositionX=Point0.X() is shown.

Now, I want to pass this value in Draw as start X and start Y.

Thank in advance.

That looks fine, except it’s using unique objects than dynamically generating variables.
Oh, that’s actually your topic title! Then…

You can refer to objects name dynamically using structures:
I’ll explain some of it.
You can refer to Point0.X() as Point[Variable(i)]X and it will become Point.0.X in the debugger.
Another example, for 2D array, and for string.

This seems to give error. Do you mean to use this, I need to first create a structure and then use this? I’ll try though. Thank you for the reply.

Yeah, try to initialize the variable first, and then check the value in Inspector: It should contain something like dropdown menu for the variable Point. (if not, try other experiment with structure variable first)
Welcome and feel free to ask more!

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