Reflection of Multiple Platformer Characters

Hey all, how would I go about making the enemies also have a reflection on a certain surface?

I have dialed in the reflection for my main character, bullets and all. But I cannot seem to get the enemy platformer objects to reflect at the same time. It only works if only the player reflection is active and not anything else. Is there a solution to this?

Hi, could you give a few more details? Are you using the reflection-extension? Can you share some screenshots of your events or explain how you set things up?

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Hey, thanks for the reply! Yes I’m using the reflection extension and tried to do the exact same thing with the enemies, but it won’t work unless it is only the main character reflection that is created for some reason. Any input at all would be appreciated!

Based on your events and scene it is difficult to point out what the problem may be. The reflection-extension is great but it has some limitations. As you know you need to have a duplicate of your object for the reflection. As far as I know this applies to literally every object in the scene, so if you have several instances of an object the reflection will be applied to just one of them (you might see that if you fire more than just one bullet).

For the enemy I just can think of two things to check :

  • Do you have a duplicate object for your enemy and is the reflection event properly set up (no typo in the numbers, no confusion of the original object and the reflected object etc.)?
  • Do you have several instances of your enemy in the scene? If so, the reflection is probably just working for one of them.
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Thanks for the reply! So the bullets all have reflections, regardless of the amount. So that’s good. I have duplicates for everything that needs to be reflected, but it seems to pick and choose what it wants to reflect, regardless of the conditions.

Would you happen to know a better way to get this effect? I don’t mind if it’s not an easy thing, I want it to look good. Thanks again!

I also noticed that I cannot seem to keep the reflection from jumping out of the actual surface it’s supposed to be reflected on. It will follow the player.

What’s weird is that I followed tutorials to the T, and it’s not working.

Could you link the tutorial(s)?

Not really. You can open the extension in the editor and have a look what happens there. It seems to be quite straightforward. Maybe you could take the core events and try to improve them for your needs?
Btw did you try the ‘Reflection’ - layer effect instead of the extension?

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Followed those each, and didn’t get anywhere near the effect they were showing. I had to really mess with the numbers for some reason. And even then I would get the reflection coming way out of the actual reflective surface instead of disappearing.

I have tried the reflection layer, but I have no idea how to dial it in effectively. Any idea how to set it up to at least be on the right track?

Thanks again!

EDIT: Just tried the reflection effect on the surface, and it’s still only showing one platformer enemy reflection, and not the player, it’s also still wonky.

I can confirm that also happens in the linked example project. I decreased the height of the reflective surface and the sprite reflection is also visible on the sprite below. I guess this could be fixed by changing the z-order but it is probably not how the extension should work.

Edit: I have also checked the reflection layer-effect and it is not easy to get it work properly - maybe there is some trick that I don’t know and there is no info about this effect in the documentation unfortunately. It probably works okay for static objects but if you have moving objects you get a lot of weird side effects.

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Man! I very much appreciate you looking into that. It’s kinda pointless to use it in my application if it doesn’t really work correctly. I supposed I could always do a “mirrored” version of the animations. I wish there was a good way to just do it with programming though.

You rock for attempting to help me lol, thanks again!

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There certainly is and the extension has some important parts (for instance the equation to mirror the sprite’s movement on the y-axis). The tricky thing is that some stuff has to be modified and expanded that it works the way you need it to.

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I tried messing with it, but I’m not savvy enough programming wise to figure out the appropriate modifications to make. I did try replacing things that I thought would work, but it didn’t do anything at all lol. shrug This is why I sometimes I think I should just stick to art.