Register username Passw I PAY

I have been looking for 2 months for a way to create an interface that allows you to register an account all done properly and professionally … I have also seen some guides leading me to learn how to use the firebase a little but I have enormous difficulties and I am really exhausted … is there anyone with a kind soul who can help me in this ???
I need to be able to register with email and password, also creating a username that has not already been chosen
when creating this user, fields must also be created … which will be the canonical ones. hp attack defense and so on
i can also pay but please someone help me

Yes, you should be using Firebase.
There are two example projects showing how to use it, and some information is on the wiki too.

I don’t even understand why there are these examples they are for experts but for those who are beginners they need more specific things … I use gdevelop to not learn a programming code but the way these examples you talk about are made show the most important things … things that an expert, taking a cue from that example, succeeds but one who is not an expert will never make it
why not give a complete example ??? 1) account registration 2) choice of a username that does not already exist 3) account confirmation 4) password change 5) account cancellation I am talking about something more complete I don’t know if I have explained the wikis present do not give you details … and studying so much it doesn’t make sense as well as using unity and studying at least you learn the code

Firebase is not really a feature for beginners, so yes, it looks complex because it is complex.
GDevelop offers code-free game-making, but that doesn’t mean you can easily make any game.

yeah understund… and why someone expert not explain?? if people know hot to do what i say… no one use g develop but all go whit code csharp php javascrip… gdevelop born for make easy all of this…

I can help… I have actually made that before… Do u have discord?

Give me you discord i add you

AstroCookie Games#9150


lol i just try to talk whit you… ok now i pay

it’s true I wanted to see the job and then pay you … but why did you stop answering? it was enough to talk I paid right now I am a serious person

You didnt add me on discord, i could help ya if ya need :grin:

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