Remaining objects

hello, I’m developing an inventory but when I change the scene and go back to the previous one I find the objects in the same place and yet they are global

i have a new problem since i put the texts in global it doesn’t create them anymore

#1 you would need to delete the object before changing scenes. Global objects to my understanding just means it’s available to be added to any scene. I believe the object itself is different copy in each scene. If an oject is there when you leave, it’s there when you come back.

#2 we would need to see a screenshot of your events.

You design scenes in the editor. Every time you open scene, all the objects that were placed in it in the editor will be created. To remove them, you’ll need to delete the objects in an event action, with the condition “At the beginning of the scene”.

Did you have them in scene variables before that? If so, have you changed the references from scene variable to global variable? If this doesn’t solve it, then provide a screen shot of the events like @Keith_1357 suggested.