Remake App-wide Icons

How do I get a list of icons that are used in the software? I’d like to work on updating the entire set to a more modern alternative.

Those icons are inside the GDevelop repository on Github.

JFC, Bouh. Do you happen to know the path to the icons? What I’m seeing is a hundred different folders. I assumed the icons are in bitmap format, or are they svg?

EDIT: Okay, the path GDevelop/newIDE/app/src/UI/ leads to the CustomSVGIcons folder. So the icons must be svg across the entire app. I also see references to material icons…is that where the UI icons are found?

Most of the icons are in

And yes, we also use material-ui icons, which are called directly from the material-ui library.
We try to use the SVG now, but old icons can be in png only.