Removing Dampening from Platformer Character Movement

Hi. I find the movement of the platform character behavior to be floaty, and tried to find a way to remove the time it takes for the character to reach max speed but couldn’t find it.

I tried creating my own set of events that managed character collisions and movement speeds without turning the object into a platformer character but that proved difficulty as I was unable to find conditions that could manipulate these concepts easily.

I also attempted giving the character the platformer character behavior so I wouldn’t need to deal with collisions in the events and then manipulating its movements through events but the unusual behavior of having the character stick to the walls as it jumps onto them makes me uneasy to use such a method, so I’m back to using the default platform character behavior, which I failed to manipulate satisfactorily, therefore I’m here asking for help to solve the above issue. Thank you in advance.

Hi! Change those numbers inside the red box. Acceleration and deceleration. First is how fast player reach max speed and second is how fast player stops.

For example to reach max speed instantly set a very high value in acceleration (e.g. 99999).

It’s so obvious I feel like deleting this thread now :blush:
Thank you two for the help.