Render equal pixels

I suppose that this is impossible at this point but Gdevelop has rendering problem for low resolution games since it does not show the scaled pixels correctly.

I’m making a low resolution project and although I noticed this problem I didn’t know it was so serious until I introduced this mask to make the scanlines effect:

Could you explain more what is in the picture?
There is tons of pixel games created with the app.

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since Gdevelop and others languages can’t force old resolutions like 320x200 or 640x400 the system used is scale the graphics with glitches because it’s not posible that the all the pixels being perfect squares at the same time that fit in a old resolution.

I don’t know how Retroarch for instance achieve a shader/filter to create perfect proportional scanlines regardless the windows resolution 1080p, 1440p, etc. Maybe force old resolutions, but there are systems like PC-Engine or Snes with weird resolutions 256x256, etc. Besides the scanlines keep perfect with curved shaders.

The cheap solution that I have planned is change the resolution of my project, it was 456x256, it doesn’t affect too much to the gameplay anyway. The new resolution will be 320x180 because 1080p and 720p are divisible for 320x"180p" so scanlines are incredible perfect with all the pixels exactly equals. Hence 1440p and 2160p works good because are multiples. I know that many developers do not care about this but the scanlines look beautiful like this.