Render zone of camera

What is that?

The camera renders a scene zone (from its position, size, angle and zoom) into a zone of the game’s window, this last zone is the render zone. By default the render zone is the entire window, but you can make it so a camera renders a big part of the scene into a small rectangle, like a minimap.

The render zone values are in the range [0, 1], where the point (0, 0) is the top-left of the window, and the point (1, 1) is the window’s bottom-right.
Try this:

Conditions: At the beginning of the scene Actions: Do = (0.3, 0.5), (0.7, 1) to the render zone of the camera 0 in the layer ""
Now your graphics should render in a half window’s sized rectangle, at the bottom and slightly moved to the right.

:exclamation: Render zone is available on native only