Repeatitions improvement

Hi there, I think these are pretty helpful but most people don’t even know are on the engine, would be nice if repetitions were findable as events like “or” and “and” instead of on the right click menu, and it would be nice that it supported complex forms or suggestions like randominrange or stuff like that instead of only integers, would be helpful to call variables, etc…
I think these are essential and for now are not as helpful as they could be!:cow2:

To clarify the repeat event does support expressions. It still has to have an integer (you can’t do partial repeats), but it does work with variables or any other expression. I checked and it does state this in the box when you are entering a repeat count.

I think you might be confused here. “OR” and “AND” are conditions, not events, which is why they are searchable in the condition box. The repeat event (similar to the while/for each/etc events) are an event type and cannot be searchable in the condition/action box, since you can’t add an event type into a condition/action.