Replace event system with visual programming (BLOCKLY)

It more like a suggestion instead of request.

Few days ago I was come across Blockly which is a visual programming language developed by google mainly to teach coding to kids. Looks very similar to Scratch, but I don’t know how is it actually different to Scratch but while I was looking through is tutorial I’ve found it extremely powerful, editable while it is just as simple to read and use as the event system of GD.

So I did play around with the idea of using Blockly instead of the event system of GD and I come to the conclusion,
Blockly could benefit GD and also GDevApp greatly, because it would be more powerful thanks to the extendable blocks and traditional ‘code structure’ and it would be also more easier to read.

Take a look at this maze.
This is one of tutorials of Blockly, where you need to lead the little yellow character to it destination by using Blockly.
The solution is looks like this in Blockly:
And this is how it would looks like in GD’s event system:
Personally, I find Blockly a lot more powerful, easier to read and elegant.
Just imagine it, you can add an IF block to the editor then choose a condition by clicking on the block inside the editor, after you can add an action block (a pink one) and choose an action by clicking on the action block inside the editor and don’t forget, Blockly is extendable so you can not only add blocks but you can also extend blocks by adding more options to a block such as ELSE IF and ELSE to an IF block for example.
In GD we could also change the color of the blocks just to make it even more easier to read.

Blockly is completely free to use, I don’t know if you can technically implement it in to GDevelop as blockly is targeting Javascript but GD is written in C++, but you could definitely implement it in to GDevApp and it would be a lot more powerful compared to the current event system of GDevApp in my opinion.
It would be also a lot more touch friendly as GDevApp is also tryingto target developers on touch devices.

Blockly website:

Like a Stencyl engine code, i like it. Forian is Remaking event system, if him do it, will be wonderful.