Replace object or animation with larger object or animation

When my FuelContainer object is > 6 seconds, I want it to explode (show a different animation or show an Explosion object). My explosion graphic is larger in size than my FuelContainer object. I have tried doing this using a different animation of the FuelContainer object, and using a different object (Explosion), but neither one is working properly. Method 1: The different animation (animation 1) never plays. Method 2: The explosion object doesn’t appear directly center of my FuelContainer object, which is what I want, and the Explosion object doesn’t delete, which I want. Thank you for your help! Merci!

1st method : you’re are deleting the object just after you’ve changed its animations, so it can’t work properly
2nd method, you delete the FuelContainer object before creating the Explosion at the FuelContainer position : Is GDevelop supposed to remember the FuelContainer position after its deletions ? Just switch these two actions.

Don’t use a timer, or else you will have to manage as many timers as you have fuelExplosion on screen.
Basically, “if animation of sprite explosion is at the last image then delete the sprite”. That way, each explosion will manage itself.

Thank you both for your help. Both of your replies helped me to code it better, and I got it working now. Merci! :slight_smile: