Replace one color by transparent

How do I replace just one color of my sprite by nothing (transparent) ?

Hello, I’m trying to make a genetic game where you have an animal and a lot of different combinaisons of color possible inside this object, depending of the genes. Some of the features of the object must disapear with certain genes combinaison, but not the whole object. For now, I can change the colors depending of the genes with the extension “recolorizer” but I can’t replace a color by something transparent (to erase the feature).

An other possibility could be to draw each feature as a sprite and have an animal made of multiple sprites, but I’m new to gdevelop and don’t understand how to do it, and I would probably explode when it would come to animation… Sooo complicate.

I don’t know what to do

Can someone help me find a solution please ?

Hi Gecko_Deepwood

I use the object effect ColorReplace because it seems simpler than the Recolorizer extension. But yeah you’re right, neither that or the extension are going to do what you want.

If the animal is a solid color with lots of space around each feature and your features are inside the animal (not outside, like horns) then you could change the feature color to the same color as the animal background when you want to turn it off.

Otherwise, yep, separate objects pinned to the main body with either the Sticker extension or the Put the object around another action.

Hi ! Thank you, too bad…
I’m going to explore the animation making !