Replacement for the current shape painter

It’s hard to tell what the shape will look like when you put a shape painter object, and then have to do a drawing command via the event sheet. It would be more user friendly if instead you had a shape object, and a shape editor to go with it, that sort of allowed you to draw the shape, be it, circle, rectangle, or polygon. Internally it could still work the same, but externally, you’re allowing someone to draw the shape, and then put it in the scene directly. This way you’d be able to preview your work, and it would make it easier to prototype games because you could use shapes instead of sprites at first. To make it even easier, you could add it to a sprite object, so instead of editing with piskel you could edit with a shape editor. I don’t know how hard it is to create a new window to edit stuff, but potentially you could make it just like piskel, with fewer features, since you’re not drawing a bitmap, but merely putting shapes and lines and stuff. Then if combined with the sprite editor you could use collision masks and points, to like you do in a normal sprite object.