Replacing quad collision masks with triangle ones.

Why? Few reasons:

  • Triangle polygons are always convex
  • Any quad can be represented by two triangles, so it should be quite easy to convert existing masks automagically
  • Triangles are more universal than quads, sometimes you don’t need full quad to represent something (e.g. slopes, pizza slice)

You can already use triangles :wink:


Just remove a vertice when you’re editing a polygon of the collision mask.

Uhm, how do I Edit the Polygon of a Collision mask?
Thanks … :slight_smile:

Just move the vertices, the little “collision mask” of each vertex is hard to grab with the mouse and apparently is at right-bottom of the vertex :slight_smile:

Thanks … I did find the button to do that (was unaware about it earlier), but it’s not clickable! what should i do?

Thanks … :slight_smile:

Excuse me… and sorry, custom colision masks are not available for Web platform games (yet?) :frowning:
I think 4ian is working on it (not easy to implement in JS because of the performances).

Yes, the next version should support custom collisions mask for HTML5 games :slight_smile:

Thank you … uhm … when will the Next version :smiling_imp: be released? :slight_smile: :smiley: