Reposition and relocate particle after it was created

Is it possible to reposition the particle after it has been created that is independent from, the particle’s flow, force, gravity, etc?
for example, I want a particle to lock onto the player and move along the player after it was created, is there any simple way to achieve these types of effects?

Add new eevent
Do not add any condition but add new action
Click on your particle emitter and choose change center position and you go with Player.CenterX() Player.CenterY()

Which will stick particle emitter center to player center

The particle that already spawned does not follow the particle emitter

Now when i read again your question i see i did not understand it
Particle emitter works like spray can
It spits something but if you move away whatever it spits does not follow object from where it came from

I was sure you ask how to make emitter to follow object not particles themselves

And if there is a way for that then i am not aware of it

Just to confirm ZeroX4’s response: the single particles in Gdevelop’s particle system cannot be manipulated individually. They also have no collision or other object properties.

Got it, thanks for answering