Request : Add GitHub Intergration

So i want some sort of feature in the engine that allows me to upload the source code to github
and probably compiled version as well to github with just a few clicks. It can give options of not uploading a compiled version and doesnt upload sensetive info like firebase info.

The reason why i need this is because sometimes i really wanna upload the source to github asap but then i have to open my browser, goto its just alot for me, it would be better to just upload source from the engine by first linking your github account to your gdevelop account.

How it can help others is it can allow them to quickly upload source to github without having to open github and maybe somehow forgetting to upload an important file like game.json

I’ve added some of the feature request tags on this so the Developers are aware if/when they take a look at it.

As a heads up, you can greatly simplify using Github with GDevelop by using Github Desktop. Here’s a full tutorial on using them together: How to backup and maintain your project using GitHub and GitHub Desktop [GDevelop wiki]


I really don’t think this needs to be part of GDevelop. I think it would only add bloat to the software and cannibalise development time, especially when there are already plenty of ways to upload your source code to repositories quickly.

As Silver suggested, have a look at Github’s App. Once you are signed in it take <30 seconds to upload your source code (2 button presses).

I just use the command line to commit my changes to git. But then I’m a developer who’s used to that workflow outside of GDevelop.

Also, adding GitHub integration will automatically alienate those who use different systems (e.g. GitLab, Codeberg, etc.), and I don’t see the developers adding support for them too…

ok i will use github desktop, topic can be closed now