[Request] Allow collision mask to be bigger than image

It is seems like at the moment it is not possible to set the collision mask bigger than the base image.
Not sure if there is any technical reason for this limit but it would be nice and useful if we could set the size of a collision mask as big as we want it to be.

The problem I am facing right now is that I have a bunch of sprites that meant to be clicked or touched in game but especially on a small screen with big fingers, it is difficult to touch them. So the solution I was thinking I can just increase the collision mask, but no, I can not because the collision mask can not be bigger than the actual image.

Some might say, no problem just load the images in to an image editor and add some more empty space. But consider that we are in a production environment where time is money and we have 100s of images to go through.
If we could set the collision mask to be as big as we want it to be and share the same collision mask between all animations of the sprite, we could reduce the amount of time required to get this working significantly.



That’s what I thought too, would be cool.
On this occasion they could fix the bug if I move the Center Point of an object, the Hitbox is also moved and no longer works.

and the scroll zoom works in the wrong direction.
and hitbox points are fixed to the cursor if you leave the object, so it is impossible to drag it into a corner or at edges.
and the preview window is very small (183px high).

Sure it would be cool, but that might come from Box2D, and in that case it will be near to impossible to ever add.

Hmm so there are two solutions to this problem

  1. if you are using photoshop then, there is a batch option where you can do some changes to one image and then the same set of actions will be done to other images automatically, any youtube tutorial will be helpful to learn this, and yes the processing does not much time

  2. might sound complicated, you can make a transparent image of any size in piskel itself and then attach it to the sprite which you want, and then the actions which you were going to apply on your Sprite apply it on this transparent image

There is one more solution in my mind that is bit more complicated:)

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He knows workarounds, but wishes an official clean solution.

Another option is to create your collision mask and then increase the values in the json file with a text editor.

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Did you try it out? Because if it is an issue from Box2D like I suspect it would just crash.

For me it works, idk if there can be problems as well.