[Request] Clear entry field when add object to group

When we edit an object group and select an object to add to the group, after we add an object to the group, the entry field is not cleared, we need to delete the entry manually to be able to select one more object.
I often find my self creating an object group after I have created a bunch of objects to add them all to a group. So I would like to add quickly multiple objects to the group. But, because I need to delete the entry field manually after each object, it can be inconvenient.

So I think it would be great, once we have selected an object to add to the group, the entry field would be cleared and we can select the next one immediately after if we wish to do so :+1:


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In the code it’s already coded that way.
But it doesn’t seem to be working properly. A refresh doesn’t work…

setState() is called for reset the state and should update the render input.
The state is really changed in state of ObjectSelector (See debugger) but the previous value is always present in the render, so if we click away the previous value is confirm as new value…


Underneath it’s still the autocomplete component being a pain :grimacing: Using Material-UI autocomplete should solve this.