[Request] Custom extension for GD project files

GDevelop store the project data in JSON format and uses the *.json extension for the project files.

I think it would be nice if GD would use a custom extension like *.gdp stands for “G-Develop-Project” for example. Nothing fancy, no need custom format or anything just rename *.json to something custom and unique like *.gdp for example

The benefit would be that we could associate the extension with GDevelop and make it so to open any file with that extension automatically using GDevelop. We could also quickly search for GD projects in the file explorer.

Of course we could associate json with GDevelop but normally, you would want to open json files using a code or text editor and it would be inconvenient to associate the *.json extension with GDevelop instead of a text or code editor.

A custom extension like *.gdp instead of *.json could solve this.



I think it’s a good idea.
What is needed is to find a good extension.
*.gdp sounds good. Previously GD4 has been using gdg (for GDevelop Game) but project is the term used instead of game in the software.

In the future too, GDevelop might (I said might) support zipped folders containing resources and a JSON file inside. In which case we might want another extension too.


How about *.gdc stands for “G-Develop-Collection”
My first thought was "G-Develop-Package " but that would be *.gdp.

So my proposal would be *.gdg or *.gdp for the project file and *.gdc for the package
Or *.gdg for the project file and *.gdp for the package
Or *.gdp for the project file and *.gdg for the package since the project file is just 1 file while the “game” can be considered a collection of files including an entire game and all files. :+1:



gdd: datei/document
gdf: file/format
Automatically project folder zipping doesn’t really make sense to me.
If someone really needs it as an archive, he can do it fast and easy with a right and a left click.

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It is for convenience. Many engines offer the option to save/export the entire project in to a package and to open project from a package without additional steps and folder management required. It is useful mainly when you want to send your project to other people.

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And when I want to add new sprites etc. to my project, do I have to move them in an invisible temp folder?

Most engines allow you to add assets within the IDE without the need to navigate to the project folder manually. So if GD will not allow you to do this then the most logical option would be in my opinion is the option to create project from package so then you select the location where you want to store the project files, or after you opened the package and want to save it then GD would prompt you to select location.

But 4ian told he is only considering to allow to package your project in to a zip, it may never going to happen if 4ian not consider it practical or maybe it is going to be just that a convenience feature to zip the entire project from the IDE for sharing without need to navigate to the project folder and do it manually. Will see if 4ian going anywhere with this. For now it is not happening.

.gdp is used by another game engine, it looks like.

However, do we need to limit to oldschool 3 character extensions?

What about .gdev?

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Yeah, .gdev sound good too. :+1: