Request for painting object on grid

Hi all. I know tilemap is a hot request and theres already external editor to deal with it,nevermind. But i also know that clickteam fusion engine also share the lack of internal tilemap(unless the dev code one) but can clickteam also have “Paint Mode” that can paint object on the grid. Is it possible to have paint mode like this,so we can just use separate object(as tile) and paint it on the grid?This may compensate the lack of tilemap editor at least.


GOOD LUCK with your request, also welcome

This would be a pretty awesome thing to have.

Even Buildbox Classic has something like this, where simply pressing W, A, S, D, make a duplicate of the selected objects on that direction you pressed, and place them on the edge of the objects bounding box or grid.

Silver has also explained that tile maps perform better because of how the tiles position is calculated or something… cant something like this be added? …as in, when the scene is loading in, GDevelop could turn the objects we mark as “Tiles”, into a sinlge tile map for increased performance… or something along those line, im just saying stuff off the top my head…

Yes,agreed. I know a lot people asking for tilemap already. I think this is the last barricade between me and gdevelop. Now,im with Unity but for 2d games i think the size of the project is too big.

For what matters i’ve explained in other thread that the paint//add objects on the map is not the main issue. Surely a paint mode would be a great addition.But GD handle that part sufficiently.
The problem is the collisions part of your map…and this is not unrelated beacuse tiles dont exists without collisions…even if u declare your object as collider, you gonna end to place your map 2 times.1 for the tiles and 1 for the collisions…and you gonna repaeat this each time you wanna edit something…(and GL to making a slope).Imho should be enough to add the draw mode just for collisions (that should act like a mask).Like triangle collisions painting. here an example.Even Pixel game maker handle that part better than GD.And honestly i dunno why cos GD fortunately have a pretty good grid system with working snapping.

Honestly i’m start thinking that in Sotn they added each collision square/triangle separately…and that is pretty crazy for the times.(and it is why i said that u gonna end to code your z order)…today this method is obsolete cos most tools allow you to draw collsions directly on the tiles.

i believe that using sprite(platform behavior) as tile maybe not as efficient as tilemap but can be implement quicker(?)than building internal tilemap. But if i understand correctly, u mean using external editor may require two images,one visual tile and one collision and we are on the same page then its double the work on level design and tedious.If im not mistaken there is a level editor for Sega Genesis that use the same method,one tile for visual and u have to draw the collision mask for the area that u need

“i believe that using sprite(platform behavior) as tile maybe not as efficient as tilemap but can be implement quicker(?)than building internal tilemap.”

that’s what i did in my game and it’s absolutely not quicker

“then its double the work on level design and tedious”


To answer simply…what would be your approach to create collisions like the image above?