[Request] Numbered event sheet

I am certain it has been requested in the past but could not find the topic so I decided to post this again.

Currently if someone is asking for help and we would like to point out at which event they have made an error, we have no choice but to make screenshots and draw on the screenshot to mark where the error is. It is not very convenient, even if you have a decent screenshot tool installed on your system that allow you to capture any part of your screen in less than 2 seconds, it can be uncomfortable when you need to make multiple screenshots, prepare them, upload them, position them in your text and I believe we are also limited to only 3 images / post.

So what I am proposing is to have a numbered list at the side of the event sheet similar to code editors:

Ideally it would be preferable to have each individual event numbered or at least align the numbers with each individual event. But I understand it can be an expensive operation to re-calculate the event numbers and alignment every single time when we move, delete and add an event.

So even though it does not look very polished, but having just a list of numbers at the side can be sufficient. Instead of making a bunch of screenshots, we can point out the collision check near line 328 and the assignment operation for a variable near line 121. Still not very precise if the number does not align with the event exactly, but more convenient than making screenshots.

Also worth considering the scenario when you are collaborating with someone in person and sharing screenshot is not an option, instead of asking the person to come and see what event you are talking about, you can point out which event you are talking about by simply using the line number.

Thank you.


Not sure if this has been already implemented, but I would really appreciate this feature.
My project has become very big with a lot of logic. Sometimes I need to implement quick changes for testing in the “main” events which I delete a little time later. Also I need to document bugs and possible to-be-changed sections. Even though there are external events, comments and groups, it can still be confusing to go over all the events to something specific.

Just wanted to point out that it can also be helpful for the daily work of one developer.

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