[Request] Open in folder


Now that GDevelop automatically open the last edited project, I think it would be useful to have a button to open the project folder in file explorer. Just a little convenience feature save me a bit of time to find and navigate to my project folder.

The same could be also nice to have for resources. In case we would like to edit any resource outside GDevelop, we could select it in the resource editor and select “open in folder” which would open the location of the asset in our file explorer. It could be extremely useful when we have a very deep folder tree within our project folder. Could save some time to find and navigate to an asset in folder.


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Yet another good candidate for the awfully empty button bar. :blush:

I think the resources already has that (If I understood what you said correctly) you can open the project folder from the icon at the top right. And you can also open a resource in a file manager by using the Locate file. Everything is said here: Resources [GDevelop wiki]

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