[Request] Select which individual image points we want to share


I am almost certain it was requested before, but I want to bring this topic up once again anyway.

So when we edit the image points we can choose if we share the points between all animations and all frames of each animation. But currently it is a global option affecting every single animation or animation frame.

imagine that you have 100 animations, not sharing points and realised setting up 100 animations later, there is actually 1 point that would be nice to be shared with all 100 animations so instead of adding the point to each and every animation one by one, you could choose to share that single point only among all animations and animation frames.

Problem 1:
Currently if you toggle the switch to share, it is going to share also the points that you did not want to share.

Problem 2:
Currently If you toggle the switch to share at an animation that missing points you have at other animations, it is going to remove the points from the other animations that the animation don’t have where you toggle the switch to share.

So what would be amazing if there was a switch next to every single image point and decide which points I want to share and which points I don’t. When we add a new point it could be not shared by default and let me decide if I want to share it.
Also, when we change our mind not to share an image point, would be nice if GDevelop ask if we want to remove it from all other animations as well or specific animations or do not remove it, just no longer share.