[REQUEST] Text to speech API on desktop and mobile

Hi devs.

I am making an app that uses text to speech API, however Chromium doesn’t have an API built in as a result text to speech does not work in desktop and mobile builds.

Would be nice to have this API also in the mobile and desktop builds too

Especially the desktop!

For now, my app will be released for HTML5 only

Thank you all :slight_smile:


4ian kindly created a ticket for us on the roadmap for embedding 3rd party JS libs in our GD project to solve problems like this our self. The ability to add 3rd party libs would also have the benefit, we don’t need to touch the source of GD to add functionality and in order to share it, 4ian would be not required to implement it in to the core product, we could just share a project using the lib (soon functions too I hope) and all you need to do is open the project and add the library.

In this case, I could share a project (and even functions later) that uses a 3rd party text-to-speech API that you can just copy into your project to get it working without need to touch any JavaScript at all.

But most importantly we could easily use 3rd party libs using the JS events.

In case you think it would be a good idea, vote for the feature on trello:
trello.com/c/jnT2J2Td/230-add-s … n-the-game