[REQUEST] Tilemap changes and additions

Tilemap could add more than one .json, just like normal objects have their animations. it could work just like the normal object, but instead of png’s, they would be .json. Bearing in mind that it only works if the developer uses the same atlas as the tilemap.

This would make it simpler, instead of always creating a tilemap for each .json file.

  • Create only one tilemap with several files that the developer can select by index, with the same atlas of course
  • Importing the collision from Tiled, as in other development software, this would also help a lot on larger maps, and you would not need to use objects to make the floor, walls and other things that have a collision
  • The editing of the tilemaps, could be done through a button, which would take you directly to the tiled, editing that .json in which it was chosen, and of course, updating the map should be done as soon as you save the .json, which does not happen now

** I know that there is a development plan for the collision, at least on the wiki, but only to put it on the agenda

The junction of Tiled is perfect with GD5, although there are still some bugs that I have seen that have been reported. However, I decided to post my ideas, helping the community and improving the software.

OFF TOPIC: [BUG] There is a bug in the setup grid that when choosing the color of the grid, it does not save the change, because when returning to the GD, the grid returns to the original color and not the one we left.

None of the items in this thread relate to the topic (tilemap animation). I would recommend rewriting your request to focus on a single feature, and either describe in detail your tilemap animation request, or update your title to the single feature being requested.

To touch on this, there is a bounty and feature request out for integrating a tilemap editor, but the goal is LDtk, not Tiled Map Editor, since LDtk is already in a compatible language. It is unlikely that there will be a launch function for an alternate editor.