Required Feature - Tag ID

Hello, I am new to this forum, I have been using GDevelop for almost 1 year and I wanted to suggest this feature that I think is something necessary that although it can more or less be done in Gdevelop, it is easier with this method.

Tag ID
In GDevelop there are already Tags for objects, but these tags are only to make search filters in the program.
The Tag ID would serve to define and give events to objects that have the same Tag ID, saving lines of events and extra objects to group other objects.

this is an example:
If we want several different enemies to have the same events, define a Tag ID for them, so all objects will have the same event / action defined by the Tag ID.

Likewise, with the Tags ID, checks of the objects could be made in an easier way.

that would be all, it is just a feature that is somewhat complex but at the same time it would be an easier way to program certain objects.

Thank you for reading.

I believe this can be easily accomplished using object groups (Objects [GDevelop wiki]).
Then your example can be implemented using a loop through a group of objects (For Each events [GDevelop wiki]):

  1. We combine all enemies into one group

  2. When processing an event in a loop, go through all the objects and perform the action.