Resize camera size according to the window

I am trying to adapt the game to all the screens so I tried to change the window size (and reposicionate GUI elements) but how could I change the camera size?

Because if I write “yes” when I change the window size the area is cutted and the center of the camera is not the center o the screen, if aI write “no” then the game is stretched :frowning:

Basically what I want is adapt the game to all the resolutions (doing reescale but fit).

Start from a higher resolution. If the highest you want to work with is 1920x1080 (like me), start there and scale it down. It’ll take a lot of time to get several resolutions configured, but it’s possible. Use margins for variations in the aspect ratio if you plan to support more than one ratio like 16:9, 16:10, and 4:3. Personally, I’ll only bother with 16:9 and some 16:10 because those are the most common.

I haven’t gone in depth with implementing this myself, but this is my basic plan on my current project. I’m still figuring this one out myself. :slight_smile: Maybe someone else will have some input to go into it more than I can, which I’m interested to know as well.