Resizing the canvas to fit my piskel drawing

I have drawn my own pixel art character for my platform game using piskel, but I didn’t even consider the canvas size whilst doing it so my drawing doesn’t fill the entire canvas. This means when my character moves or tries to jump on a platform, it is almost like theirs an invisible wall surrounding the character. (the canvas borders are hitting other objects)
Is there a way I can resize the canvas to fit the character? I don’t really want to have to redraw everything to fill the canvas up? I have tried the obvious, (using the resize canvas tab but weirdly that doesn’t help)

I understand that this question was really badly worded:)

Hi PorgieSix, I think the problem lies on hitboxes. You should customize the hitbox of your character.


After pressing the Edit Hitboxes button, another interface will appear, thats the Hitbox Interface, here you customize the hitbox of your character ( that fits well ).

After customizing the hitboxes, click close and apply.

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the response.
I have already tried that unfortunately. Any other ideas?

You could resize the canvas here

After modifying the size of your canvas, the Move tool (the hand icon) will be helpful in alligning the character sprite properly :wink:

Thanks :blush: I’ll give it a go

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