Resizing the game resolution when change from HTML5 to APK

How I can do that when I go to play HTML5 APK (android) game is resized to the size of the device screen?

Put an 'options" option in the main menu, so the player can choose what’s the best resolution for him?

I think he wanted automatic rescaling, like several games do it (actually all games I played so far). This way you could develop game in highest resolution Android has and engine would rescale it for smaller devices.

Just activate Fullscreen with “keep aspect ratio” set to true and the game will take all the screen (without being distorted) as all games.

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Cool trick. Thank you.

Note that even if you do not use the fullscreen action, if the game is too big compared to the screen, it will be reduced so that it fit into the screen (without being distorted). :slight_smile: You can test it by launching a game into your browser and then reduce the browser size! :smiley:
But better always activate fullscreen if your Android/iOS games: it will ensure that the game will always take as much place as possible (without being distorted).

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Can you please tell us how it can be done. I am a complete newbie so I’m not sure where this option is. Thank you.

Events > Add an action > Game’s Window section > De/activate fullscreen > Set to “True” and check the box to keep aspect ratio.

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