Resolution and ratio

Hello there, i just started gamedev and i’m a bit confused.

I’m using a resolution of 1280x720 with the layers zoomed 3x (i’m making a pixelart game). When i preview in a window everything works fine, but when i try full screen the game is not centered anymore.

I’m not sure how that will translate once the game is released, but i would like to have it looking right in every possoble screen variable. Is that possoble? What am i doing wrong?

Thank you in advance

1280x720 project resolution will not scale into a 1080p display evenly (as 1080p is 1.5x larger than 720p, so you are taking 1 pixel and making it 1.5 pixels, therefore distortion)

Generally, I’d recommend starting at a smaller resolution that can properly scale into larger resolutions (640x360 can scale into 720p, 1080p, 1440p all evenly)

That said, nothing about resolution has to do with “centering” unless you are adjusting your scene size instead of scaling.

Additionally, if you are looking to release on mobile do note that there is no universal mobile resolution. Even within apple different phones have different resolutions.

You will either need to accept that you will have black bars on the sides (when scaling) or you will need to do a lot of math to adjust all of your visible space for every resolution (if not scaling but instead adjusting the game resolution to fit display size)

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Thank you, that was helpful! I don’t mind black bars in some displays. What worries me is part of the game being outside the screen. Do you think that 640x360 is a good/balanced resolution for most scenarios?

For retro pixel art, yes, it’s generally what I use (if not going smaller 320x180)

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I’m working with way bigger pixels, that’s why i zoomed it 3 times. Is it a good idea to zoom layers, or should i work in the native resolution i want? The only reason why i was using 720p and then a zoom was to guarantee a sizable enough window in the previews. Hope this makes sense, sorry for all the noob questions =)

I generally work at the lower resolution, then zoom the layers up, this allows for more “fluid” movement and rotation.

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Interesting! Just one last thing, can you tell me the resolution and the zoom you use in your average pixelart game?

Either 320x180 or 640x360

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