Resolution.. help

Hello everyone

My phone is 6.8 and i have tried a lot of resolutions and options and still not full screen. Last resolution i tried is 1920*1080 and still not full screen, tried also fit width.
Any help ?

Also can i undo object from being a global object?

Thank you !!

Hello guys
Any ideas

You can’t undo making an object global, as per the message that pops up when you first do so:


However, it seem you can copy a global object, then paste it as a normal object (then delete the global one if you don’t need it anymore).

Not sure about the resolution problem though, sorry.

Please keep in mind, you’ve bumped this thread after 6 hours of originally posting it. That’s a bit too soon. Someone will respond when they have time. And it may take a while, sometimes days, for someone to respond.

Have you searched the wiki for a solution?

Do you have your game set to “Full Screen”? Many phone have resolutions larger than 1080p, but if you set your game to go full screen that should make it fil any screen. Depending on the aspect ratio of your game, you can then set fit width or fit height if you want.

Hello, my phone is 5.5’ with a resolution of 1440x720 (Android 10)
I always use 1000x2000 for mobile development in GDevelop, do not adjust the game size. In the game itself, I give the user the ability to adjust the screen to their size. For this I use the following:

“Automatically adapt the game resolution: yes”


"Activate fullscreen: no(keep aspect ratio: no)

That has actually always worked quite well. Greetings Markus


Thank you all. Specially Markus your solution worked perfectly.