[Resolved] Can't fire big shots

welcome @ThatPersonOverThere eh em
so can you tell me what each variable is responsible for what?
and also what resets the timer.
more information, please.

@potato-coder “GunMode” is weither the firing key is z or enter, it’s z as a default, that’s not the issue.
The issue is that if I hold the firing key, even for more than 2 seconds on the timer, it will still fire a regular shot, while it’s supposed to fire the charged “BigShot”
“Canfire” was my failed attempt to stop the timer from constantly resetting as you hold z
This is for a Spamton NEO fangame (if that helps at all) so this is the most important mechanic

I need a screenshot of the place that the timer gets reseted, please :balloon:


I’m not quite sure what you meant, but the timer didn’t show up in the debugger menu

ohh my bad.
add trigger ones here:

because the timer gets restarted every frame : )
also where do you post this fangame progress/ I’m really interested in this project : )))

Thanks for the advice, but It didn’t seem to work.
Also, I’ve only posted once or twice about this so far, but ThatPersonOverThere on Tumblr is where I plan to post the most about it.

thanks so much, @ThatPersonOverThere : ).