Resource loading time and performance difference between Android APK and WIFI/LAN preview (versions 5.2.172, 5.2.176 and 5.2.178)

So far I have been using version 5.2.172. Now I have been testing versions 5.2.176 and 5.2.178 to test the differences and changes incorporated. These are the differences I have noticed:
In these last two versions, when previewing via WIFI/LAN on a cell phone (Android), the game loading time is eternal, it takes me 4 times the time it took me to load in version 5.2.172. I have not noticed any significant differences in performance during gameplay compared to version 5.2.172. The game runs smoothly and without problems in this 3 versions of Gdevelop.
Then I exported it to Android as APK with version 5.2.178 to test how it works. On the one hand, it is worth mentioning that the loading time decreased considerably (unlike the increase in loading time when previewing via WIFI/LAN). It is really appreciable that the Gdevelop team achieves such positive results in this area.
The negative side of my experience is that, as I have previously mentioned in another topic(Performance difference between preview via WIFI/LAN and Android APK, version 5.2.172), there is a very noticeable performance difference during the game between the preview via WIFI/LAN and the exported APK (at least on Android, which is where I test the APK). I have noticed that with the APK exported from version 5.2.178 this performance difference seems even greater, seeing temporary frame drops and constant frame jumps that make the game not smooth and uncomfortable.
I have tested it on a mid/low range cell phone with Android 12