Responsive Design for different Devices

Hello Fellow Adventurers,

How do you handle responsive design for various devices in GDev? Is there a setting somewhere in GDev for this?

There are so many various screen sizes to design for.
Android phones,
Android Tablets


Go to Game settings/Properties for screen setup. I use 1280*720 for android/ios screen setup

@valiant_curiosity is talking about responsive design.

For that, you can either change game’s width or height to fit the device’s screen size.
But as you’re talking about responsive design, to achieve that you need to use your event editor.
Just suppose I want to place a footer at the bottom of the screen. So, I need to position my footer object like this way:

Do = SceneWindowHeight() - footer.Height() to the Y position of footer
//sets the y position of footer at the bottom.

And you can also make it dynamic by running the action without any condition or run it again when device orientation is rotated.
There’s more about responsive design (like working with percentages).
I should make a blog about that but before, I need to complete the game that I’m currently working on.

A Anchor behavior is perfect for responsive design, it’s not very used but i guess we hve a wiki page about that.
This behavior allow to place link the objet with the limit of your screen.

Thanks guys,

I’ll take a look at your solutions. I’m kind of trying to create something that is a “square peg” (apps) with something that is designed for “round holes” (games), but GDev has been able to make it easy to rotate an object so I’m going to keep trying to build this app with GDev.

I’ll try not to pester you with my many questions.