Restart Game - how to I reset all the progress?

Can I somehow restart a scene and all the progress that I’ve already made? For example: I made a quest where you have to find a bottle and bring it to an NPC and then the object disappears. When I “start a new scene” and select the same scene the bottle is still missing, the quest is still completed and the progress is not reset. Any sollution for that?

I’m guessing you’ve stored the game and objects states in global variable, or saved to storage. You’ll have to go through these and reset them.

So there’s no other way to reset everything at once?

Switch your global variables over to scene variables, and then upon restarting the scene they’ll reset to their “default” (original) setting.

Otherwise, global variables are explicitly meant to be global, so by design they do not reset when you restart a scene.

You could always duplicate all of your global variables with a set named “Default” and then apply those values to your other global variables whenever the scene restarts?

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If you’re using Storage to save the data try something like this, add a button to delete all data then delete the Storage by name.

If you are only using Scene, Global or Object variables at the Begin of the Scene just set their values to their default values.