Restart problem

Sorry i don’t understand how it came
this is the new file
also the ( life ) variable doesn’t return to (3) when the scene restarted

The reason Restart button is showing is because you don’t reset the Global Variable life once it’s reached 0 and you click the restart button.

Set the global variable life = 3 in the “At the beginning of the scene” event.

great i solved the life issue but what is the action i need to reset global variable?

If you’ve solved the life issue, then you will have effectively reset the global variable:

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thank you so much, yes you helped me with this great advice well.
I succeeded .

Now I solved the button issue to find another which wasn’t .
the life of player is a global var with (3) lives, when he make a mistake he lose one of it ( by subtract 1 action ) until it became 0 restart button appears , But the variable subtract 1 at the first time, and subtract 2 in the second and restart appears, thus the player has just two lives . How this come?
It was working yesterday, all of i added that ( at the beginning of the scene: change the global variable ( life) set to 3

Please i need help in this ( down counter which a result of a condition i create the action to subtract 1 every time but it subtract 1 at the first time only and in the second subtract 2 ) How can i make it perfectly?

Sorry, but I didn’t understand

When player die a count lives which is global variable wwith 3 subtracts 1 to be 2 when he die again lives go to be ¹ when he die again lives go to be zero and game restarted.
But it subtract 1 at the first time only

After that it subtracts 2 and game start.thus the player miss one chance

You should do:
If Player dies Then
Change the Global Variable lives - 1

That i did exatly
The game is multiplation table, it means there are many players , because every turn there is a new number , so there are many of this condition for every number.

Can you show me your events?

Okay but give a while to get my lalptop

sorry all of that time because i tried on the file but with no success
here is the file

why the Score add 5 every time?
why count down lives doesn’t work?
sorry for all of that

Not sure why you’re getting the score adding 5.

Here are a couple of changes you’ll need to make to get the countdown to reduce by one every click, until it reaches 0, and the life value to be restored to 3 when the level is played:

Hi, got it. The problem was all these extra objects.

Also, if I remember clearly, you said one of your post that the restart button doesn’t show up. And that’s because you see this box.

That’s the border of the camera’s view. Objects outside that box won’t be seen unless you change your camera’s position.

Where are you getting that project from? There’s nothing like that in the project @kattan linked to in his post. :confused:

What? I got this project. Is the project @kattan has linked My project2.rar?

Yes it’s my project really