Restart problem

I create a game with levels and I wanted to make restart in every level, that when player make a mistake he see restart button jump on the screen . I did that but when i press restart it begin the scene with the restart button still. By the way at the beginning of the scene i tried with hide restart and delete restart , finally i created another scene to pass from it to this scene but also the res. Button still, although i deleted it in the same action that i press it to restart.
Now how i can view it and when restarting hide it,

create scene_1
at begin of scene: hide RESTART button

when you die: show restart button

cursor on retstart button
restart button is visible
left botton release:
call scene scene_1

I only understood somewhat of what you said.
To make a restart button:
Cursor or touch is on Restart button
Change the scene to CurrentSceneName()

And to hide and show the Restart button, keep in in another layer and then:
If player dies
Show Restart layer
At the beginning of scene
Hide Restart layer

Another thing, in this event

Add a condition, If restart.Layer() is visible

But hiding the restart layer make the button active on the screen while it is hiding
Why the button still there although I delete it at the beginning,

Yeah, that’s why you have to add this condition:

with your restart event

No way the button still there when i return to the scene

Strange, if you hide it at begin of the scene is impossible.

How are you placing your button? As a single button or as a menu?

As a single
Can you arrange events or see what i did:
Ay the beginning hide a layer ( which has the button )
Player die : show restart layer
Event of button: cursor on it , left button pressed, if layer is visible then change the scene to another which includes scenes numbers. Then i press the scene which i restarted from it, it went there and all actions are on the right way except the button still there …

Did you mean, the button is not there, it disappears?
How is your restart button set?
Is it like this:

in the scene itself, or like this:

where you click on Pause button and restart button appears?

My button doesn’t dissapear never and ever
And it is a word ( restart)
(Pause button!!!) ? I don’t have one

What are you saying then?

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Still there, i mean when i restart the button is still on the screen

Are you sure the button is set on that layer?

No i put it in another layer

I wrote this code and I hope it help you.

at begin of game you see only object 2
If you click on it object 1 appairs
Than, if you click on opbect 1. the scene restart (and object 1 disappair)

Here the code: Drop Devloprog

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Yeah, follow this principle and make your restart button
Good @jumpingj

thank you for your effort
this is a short file for my target ( the proplem is in Button “restart”
when ( life) = 0 ( restart ) appearsm then player press it to go to Scene (ALL) to press num ( 3) to comeback to Scene (3)
Ii wish to disable the Button when i restart Scene (3) )
I also tried ( delete restart ) instead of ( Hide restart ) at the beginning of the scene but failed.

The file you have linked has no scenes, no objects or anything in the project. It’s a completely empty project file.