Retry & Quit buttons

So, after a small hiatus on my game, I decided to start up again, and I decided to try polishing the retry and quit buttons that appear when the player character dies. The way they work is that their sprite opacity is set to 0 at the start of the scene and are set to full opacity when the player character dies. The problem is that they can still be clicked and perform their respective functions while they’re at 0 opacity. I’m wondering what to do here to fix it or if I should use another system entirely. Please let me know!

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Hey there!
I am still learning Gdevelop so I am not sure if I can actually help

Have you tried the Hide and Show action?

Also when I was making my game I had the same issue (Basically I could click the retry button without it being there) Till I realized that you have to play with the position of the condition

As you can see in the screenshot the events for the Retry/Return buttons are sub-conditions that are activated when the monster dies.This will stop them from activating when they shouldn’t

Actually I managed to fix it now, as I changed it so when the character dies a new instance of the button is created instead of it being invisible.

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Glad you did! Once you finish your game I can give it a try if you want